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Was it a Dream?
Walking through the woods on this cool, rainy evening, Jareth felt it was strange he wasn't getting wet.  Perhaps it was the trees and their full body of leaves keeping him dry, or perhaps something else.  He wasn't sure, but he wasn't complaining either.  As he walked, he noticed his big heavy boots weren't making much noise with each footfall either.  *What is this?* he thought to himself.  He'd never experienced anything like this before.
He kept walking through the woods though.  Not knowing where he was going.  But he felt he had to take this path, no matter where it may lead.  Jareth had no idea how long he'd been walking, nor had any idea how much longer he would be.  But he continued, without much thought at all.  Something was compelling him to keep moving.  So he did.
Eventually, he came upon a clearing, the rain still fell all around him, but wherever he walked, the
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Jareth - Extended Sheet
Character Chart
Character's full name:  Jareth Keenan Molko
Reason or meaning of name:  Never having created a character before this one, I wanted something that sounded old worldish.  I like the name "Jared" so I morphed it into "Jareth."  Keenan and Molko come from two of my favorite musicians.  Maynard James Keenan of TOOL, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer, and Brian Molko of the group Placebo.
Character's nickname: None really.
Reason for nickname: N/A
Birth date:  October 13, 1530
Physical appearance
Age: 478 years
How old does he/she appear: 16.  He was turned into a Lycan on January 1, 1547
Weight:  126lbs Human form, over 350lbs lycan form
Height:  5'9"
Body build: Slender
Eye color:  Soft blue (human), ice blue (Vamp), black (Lycan), and whatever comes in most handy in his hybrid form.
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Tyler the Vampyre :iconaneyolf:Aneyolf 12 17 Tis I :iconaneyolf:Aneyolf 12 16
Korin Xander Bishop
Name: Korin Xander Bishop
Age: 559, turned at 18.
Gender: male
Homo sapiens sapiens (1329 - 1347)
Lycanthropus lupus corvinae (1347 - 1906)
Physical traits:
In human form he was 6" tall, 156lbs., with a swimmer's build, and had brilliant green eyes. His hair was dark brown, shoulder length, fairly straight, with some waviness to it.
In his wolf form, he stood 7'10" tall and weighed nearly 400lbs.  His fur was more like that of a normal wolf with silvers, grays with some light tan.  Over all, his species of Lycan looked more like that of the first generation Corvinus werewolves, but were able to shift back and forth between their human and wolf forms.
Although his style had changed through his five and a half centuries, he found that he had an affection for Victorian Gothic attire and decor.  It was a style he maintained into the 1900's.  He favored, whites and blacks, wi
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Holy Shit! A new Journal!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 17, 2012, 3:46 PM

Brain Droppings

Hey everyone, been a really long time since I did a new journal.  What can I say, laziness and life reared their ugly heads.  This journal turned out to be more of a big ass rant than I expected it to be.  Oh well, I needed to get this off my chest.  So, here it goes...

I live in a city of around 60,000 people.  It's one of the "satellite" cities to Kansas City, MO called Blue Springs.  It has a small town feel, despite having that many people and is also considered one of the nicer, well to do towns in the area.  In the nearly five years we've lived here, there has been a noticeable surge in churches.  Normally, I wouldn't care, leave me alone about it, and I'll leave you alone about it.  Problem is, as many of you know, I'm gay and an atheist.  With an increase in religion going on here, me being what I am is gradually becoming more of an issue.  My boyfriend Cory is feeling it too.  Just this past week even... we were at Wal Mart and two "Christian" teenage girls came up to us and started spewing that Cory and I are going to hell.  I guess they saw the two of us holding hands or something.  I won't repeat what Cory said to them, but it wasn't polite and they took off... I'm sure crying to their parents about the evil gay men in the pet food isle.

Oh, but it doesn't end there.

Saturday night, Cory and I were at the town's annual fall festival.  We got hungry and wanted to get some food.  Everyone kept raving about the burgers at this one booth, the problem was the line was amazingly long.  But, we figured what the hell, we've been hearing about these burgers for a few years now, but never got one.  So we went and got a funnel cake to snack on while we waited in line for these damned burgers.

7:17pm we got in line... and it was going nowhere fast.  Great.  The funnel cake will be gone in two minutes and the line won't ha... HEY!  we took a step forward.  We finished off the cake before we moved again, and looked at each other like, "Are we really gonna do this?" just as some little kids behind us started complaining about the long ass line too.  They had to be between the ages of 5 and 8 and were cute as hell.  One of them just blurted out, "oh my god we've been here for 12 years already!" after only standing there for ten minutes or so.  We were laughing.  Another five minutes or so passed, and the mother of these kids took all of them out of line to go walk around, leaving dear old dad in line to get their food.

A few minutes later, we were very slowly inching forward.  We're standing there, minding or own business, and talking to each other.  There was a late 30s early 40s woman with her 20ish year old daughter in front of us, the father behind us, and two other women behind him who were workers in a booth from some church in the area.  We know this because someone else from their church came up and started talking to them while in line a few minutes before.  We could hear them, taking note of the short 60s something woman with a New York accent which isn't something we hear a lot of around here.  Anyway, while Cory and I are talking, we were interrupted by that N.Y. accent.

"Excuse me, you cut in line, we were in front of you."

Cory and I look at each other, completely caught off guard, both mentally saying to each other, "Seriously?"

Cory was the first to speak, "No ma'am, we've been here the whole time."

She responded "No, those kids were here and then they left and you..."

I cut her off, "No, we've been behind these two lady's since we got in line."

She gave me this look as if to say, "how dare you interrupt me!" but continued saying, "No, those kids left and you got..."

The father behind us broke in, "Ma'am, those were my kids.  My wife took them to go walk around so they didn't have to stand in this line complaining the whole time.  These two boys," he pointed to Cory and I, "were in front of us."

The mother and daughter in front of Cory and I confirmed, "Yeah, they've been behind us all along."

This old bitch waves her hand in disgust and turns around resuming her spot in line behind the Dad.  The lady she was with stayed out of it, but said afterward to the old bitch in a quiet voice (which we still heard) that she should apologize.  The look on that cunt's face was one of shock.  Like she was about to say "How dare you suggest I do such a thing!"  But she did say, "Why?!"

Cory and I were standing there with this "Oh my god, SERIOUSLY?!" look.  That would a be a more intensified version of the standard "Seriously" look we did moments before.

THEN!  The dad behind us looked at the old bitch and said, "That isn't very Christian of you."

I have no clue what her expression was due to the fact Cory and I were both concentrating on concealing the fact we were about to bust out laughing.

The women in front of us also had this look of "Wow," not just because of what the Dad said, but because of what the old bitch said next.  In this prissy, my shit don't stink, purely innocent, why is everyone ganging up on me, victim card tone "What!  I didn't do anything wrong!"

"Oh sure you didn't you snooty bitch."  Now Cory was pissed.  "Coming up and rudely accusing us of line cutting is perfectly OK behavior."

I think she gasped.  But I can't be sure, my brain was trying to process this insanity.  She started to say something else but Cory cut her off before and said, "If people like you..." he pointed at her hideously bright neon green church shirt, "...are what your religion is pumping out, I'm SO glad we aren't a part of it."  She then turned her back to us and resumed talking to the other woman she was in line with as if it never happened.

Granted, this didn't have anything to do with me being a homosexual atheist, but it still demonstrates the sheer audacity of "Christians" we've been dealing with more and more lately.  Not just in the real world, but online as well.  It is getting worse and quite frankly, it scares me.  It's people like this bitch that lead to my mother leaving her church earlier this year, for how she was being made an outcast for having a gay son.  As if it were her fucking fault!

These people go on and on about how you can't have morals without god, yet they are the VERY FIRST ONES to cause this sort of petty, needless drama.  They are so divisive and can't bare the thought of "building bridges" between people who are different or have different views than them.  They are the ones building walls between us and the sad thing is, they don't even realize it!  If these are the morals they get from their religion and god, I can't see how anyone would want to be a part of it.

For my friends in the DAU chatroom, I know I've been on a bit of a "Speaking out against the religious" kick lately, but sorry, it is affecting me, and many others, on a much more personal level now than ever before.  Rude, insulting, degrading, hate-filled, supremely arrogant and condescending Bible belchers who apparently get off on attacking people who are different than them.  It's for this reason I've been more vocal and speaking out against it.  I don't care who you are, what color you are, or even what you believe, so long as you keep it to yourself.  I'm not one to build walls, I'd much prefer to make a friend.  But these people apparently want no part of it.  They wish to put their archaic and horrific beliefs over that of real people.  I don't get it!  Don't you realize you are only hurting your "cause?"  In turn making people like Cory and I even more vocal against this shit.  If you want to end up publicly humiliated like we did with that evil bitch, grow a goddamn brain and stop your bullshit!  Otherwise, people like me and my boyfriend are GOING TO MAKE FOOLS OUT OF YOU.  And believe me, you make SO fucking easy!

For you believers out there who are disappointed with others of your faith for the actions they take, yet do nothing about it, sorry, I'm of the opinion you are just as much at fault.  At fault for not standing up to these morons and calling them out for their bullshit.  Are these the idiots you want representing you're religion?  They are only making YOU look bad while greatly affecting, in a very negative manner, the lives of MANY others.

I've recently come to the conclusion, and have stated so in the DAU chat, and various other places... I'm done.  I'm done being nice and polite to these hate-mongers.  I'm not taking any more of their shit, and I will HAPPILY turn their bullshit back on them.  I was raised in a Christian home, I've actually read the damned Bible (one of the many reasons I'm now an Atheist) and it's been made quite clear, I know their religion FAR better than they do!  I have ZERO problems showing how wrong they are about so many different things.  I'm done respecting them.  I'm done respecting their religion.  I'm done respecting their "god."

I honestly feel that if people would stop wasting so much time and money on myth and legends, and concentrate our efforts on learning about each other, we'd start to understand one another better and we could finally get past this intolerance these religious zealots swim in.  But no, being nice has proven ineffective against their hate.  So now I have to resort to this.

Thanks Christians.

I fucking appreciate it.

PS. From the minute we got in line, till the time we left, it took one hour and one minute.  And OHMYGOD, that was one of the best burgers I've ever had! :faint:

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Tyler... the Lucky Wolf
United States
Name's Tyler, I've been on dA since October of 2006 (with another account) and I call the #DAUnderworld channel home. I'm 20, and have been with my boyfriend since I was 16. I love music and movies and of course werewolves and yeah, even them blood sucking neck leech vamps are cool. Just keep that Twilight shit away from me... sparkly vampires, god what an insult.

Also, I do not believe in any gods or goddesses, and certainly don't follow any religion. I voted for Obama and if that makes you pissy, GOOD. I will not pledge my allegiance to any flag nor participate in any singing of the national anthem as long as gays and lesbians aren't treated as equals in this country. I am against the "wars" we have going on and feel we should be fixing our own problems here at home instead of wasting time and resources abroad trying to force our shit on other cultures.

I'm a fan of Industrial, Goth, Darkwave, Electronic, Metal, and Alternative. I love horror, sci-fi, action, fantasy, and comedies. I inherited my dad's '97 Firebird and have a huge black German Shepherd named Raze. He are be mai protector. ^^


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Hi. wanna join my group called Anti-illuminati-01? anti-illuminati-01.deviantart.…

RadiantCharizard Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy b-day! :D Btw, I read your conversation with the troll below. I salute you for even answering him/she/it. Great answers, btw.
Aneyolf Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2013
Thanks!  I don't usually respond to people like that, but ... I got bored and he/she/it made me laugh, so I had some fun with it.  :D
RadiantCharizard Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hehe, I see! ^^ Well, I hope you had a nice day yesterday :)
Eusebus-Shitrock Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013
Can you give me one reason why you like Obama? Just asking because I've never had anyone come up with an answer.
Aneyolf Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013
He was the first President in this country that I'm aware of who was openly inclusive of the LGBT community.  Like many, he had to let his opinions grow, and look at how things have changed in this country. I don't have to fear for my life because I'm gay, and the likelihood of my boyfriend and I being able to get  married in my own state is now more a matter of "when," and not "if."

So there, one reason I like him.
Eusebus-Shitrock Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013
Also, you do realize gay marriage is forcing churches to accept gays, right?

Every institution where gay marriage is legalized in the USA is required to perform gay marriages. 
Eusebus-Shitrock Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013
Lyndon B Johnson was the first president to shift the main focus to civil rights, he was a lot like Obama except better at lying. 

So, you actually like Obama because of such a minor issue?
What about Obamacare? No one will be able to afford healthcare because of that.

What about his warmongering to Syria? We have been on the brink of WW3 over the exact same reasons Bush put us into Iraq for, however Vladimir Putin dissolved the situation and saved millions of lives. Even though Assad has handed over his chemical weapons to Obama, Obama still wants to go to war with them. (If you didn't know, war with Syria means war with Iran, which will likely lead to Russia and China getting involved)

What about his amplification of the NSA spying, spending billions every year to spy on citizens?

What about the Monsanto protection act?


Executive order 13603?

Benghazi, fast&furious?

And here's a list of crimes which he has committed which he could be impeached for:

High Crimes and Misdemeanors

1. Has conspired and consented to suspensions of habeas corpus, both future and present, of persons not present in a battlefield, and while US courts were fully functioning and accessible.
2. Has conspired and consented to depriving persons, including US citizens, of life without due process of law or in a manner consistent with the Law of Land Warfare.
3. Has violated Detainee Treatment Act of 2005 and the Geneva Convention by conspiring and consenting to acts of torture of enemy detainees.
4. Has obstructed justice in conspiracy with Eric Holder to block investigations into egregious violations of the US Federal Code. (ACORN fraud, "Fast and Furious", Benghazi and IRS probes, GAO money laundering)
5. Has ignored lawful court orders in regards to Gulf energy leasing and the PPACA injunction. 
6. Conspired to violate US gun trafficking laws by allowing foreign cartels to purchase firearms resulting in the death of a US border agent. (Fast and Furious)
7. Conspired and consented to authorizing the NSA to collect personal information from every electronic source available in gross violation of citizens' 4th Amendment rights.

Executive Overreach and Abuse

8. Has consented to establish an IPAB under the PPACA, which will constitute a super legislature intent on dictating to congress expenditures and coverage law related to Medicare which cannot be repealed unless by a 2/3 vote post facto. 
9. Has used executive order to carry out functions of bills that have not passed or have been found unconstitutional by lower courts and face injunction. (Cap and Trade, DREAM Act, Student-Loan Remittance)
10. Has ordered agencies to unilaterally make regulations beyond the scope of law when a bill has been defeated. (FCC and Internet traffic, NLRB and card check rules)
11. Violation of War Powers Act, sending US personnel into undeclared combat within Libya, Uganda and Yemen.
12. Has refused to enforce duly passed legislature such as Aviation and Transportation Security Act (in regard to private screening) and DOMA (in regard to federal recognition) and has refused his obligation to defend such Acts in court against challenge.
13. Has appointed executive officers without the consent of Congress. (CFPB, NLRB, USTC, EPA)
14. Has misused the DOJ, IRS, DEA and his official position to single out persons and organizations for harassment, based on political contributions, establishing an "enemies list".
15. In 2009, he held an office by a foreign state (UN Security Council Chairman) while a sitting US President in violation of the "Titles of Nobility" clause.
16. Has conspired and consented to spending large sums of money for purposes beyond what Congress has authorized by monetizing the debt accrued.
17. Has conspired to utilize the designation of classified information to conceal and obstruct investigation into gross constitutional violations and felony crimes by members of the administration.
18. Has repeatedly and continued to authorize an unlawful declaration of national emergency, wholly unnecessary and not legally authorized by the Constitution.
19. Has conspired to interfere in the judicial processes of the States and has repeatedly, in conspiracy with Eric Holder, attempted to impose Double Jeopardy on citizens via federal law. 
Aneyolf Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013
Um... this is all irrelevant.  You asked me for ONE reason why I liked Obama.  I gave you ONE reason.  This does not in any way speak to how I feel about him over all.  So this prepared post of yours is pretty much wasted.

Also, I did specify, first President that I was AWARE of.  I never said he was the first to do so.  As for churches being forced to accept homosexual marriages, that is a blatant, flat out lie.  It is entirely FALSE.  No church/private organization is obligated to do anything they don't want.  They are allowed to be as bigoted and divisive as they wish.  Government/public places and organizations do not have that freedom as they are bound by the Constitution.

Now go troll someone else.  You bore me.
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Vulpecula-sama Featured By Owner May 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love you. You are amazing. I hope you have a happy life <3
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